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A judge discriminates against a Haitian student for taking an identity photo with a US flag shirt.

On Wednesday, May 11, 2022, Judge Eno Rene Louis of the Petionville District Court in Haiti refused to sign a Background Check Certificate of a native Haitian because he wore a shirt made with the United States flag.

Jeffte Bonhomme, the victim of this discriminatory act, was obligated to borrow a shirt to take another picture. Otherwise, the judge would go without signing the Background Check Certificate. Although the young man presented his national identity card, student ID, his diploma in Electro-Mechanical from Canado school, and proof that he was studying electro-mechanical diesel engineering, the judge judged him as a low-income family.

The western KOTAKOT coordinator, Amos Larrieux, believes Judge Eno Rene Louis violated student Jeffte's right to wear a shirt he liked. Jeffte, humiliated by this fact, wishes that this action does not continue in Haitian society. He would have lost his school day due to delays getting to the studio for another photo.

Judge Eno Rene Louis denied all Jeffte's claims. Mr. Bonhomme, the KOTAKOT political party founding member, is wondering if Haiti has a problem with the United States or a protocol code that says what color shirt a person should wear to take an ID picture. Otherwise, the young man would think that the country does not have the leaders it deserves, and it will take a long time for us to have a country.

Wilson Telimo Lwi,

Reporter, from Boston.

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