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Congress amends Article Five of the Constitution.

Training in the mother tongue is the best pillar to remove Haiti from its current crises, including insecurity, kidnapping, famine, housing, healthcare, etc., if education is the basis of a nation's development. I target the Haitian Government and the Parliament, best suited to making long-term decisions regarding Haitian Creole and sustaining the Haiti National Ministry.

I suggest that the Haiti Ministry Council issue a resolution that declares as follows: Creole is the primary language of instruction, along with French, English, and Spanish as foreign languages. I suggest the Haitian Government, particularly the Haiti education national ministry, organizes each Haiti degree program into a defined organizational structure that allows the public to view class documents in Haitian Creole by following a defined institutional structure.

I also recommend that Congress amend article five of the Constitution so that Haitian Creole is the administrative and teaching language.

Wilson Thelimo Louis,

KÒTAKÒT and ITIAHaiti President.

Poet Wilson Thelimo Louis
Poet Wilson Thelimo Louis

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