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Despite being in prison, the fraudster Robentz Dorvil continues harassing people. During his time in prison, he took pictures and videos of the people who put him in jail and mixed them with pornographic videos of gay sex so that he could defile their social orientation.

Wilson Thelimo Louis, president of KOTAKOT and victim of Robentz Dorvil, explains.

On January 12, 2022, Robentz Dorvil took $2500 from me to register a political party called KOTAKOT (Stronger Together) I belong to in Haiti. I was in charge of collecting that money from several members. Robentz did not sell us the service, but he took the money. On April 13, 2022, a police officer arrested him for crooking a lady in Port-au-Prince. Upon hearing about that, we brought our complaint to the police station, and he was kept in jail to be judged and give us our money back, as he should have done for several other victims.

While in jail, Robentz Dorvil used another name, Mr. Gareth, and called me around 8 pm on September 8, 2022, claiming to be a US Embassy agent. +1 715-636-7458 was his number, and he used someone's picture too. The man asked me to give him the phone number of Marie Flore, a lady he owed money to, as there is an immigration file that contains both my name and hers. Upon noticing his voice, I recorded him and sent the information to my lawyer in Haiti. Following that, he vowed to kill me, my family, and anyone who incarcerated him.

On December 9, 2022, using the link, Mr. Robentz Dorvil joined our public Whatsapp group called KOTAKOT Ayiti Otonòm (To a self-governing Haiti) with 413 participants. Identified as Blanchard Arthur and using a gentleman's picture named Jeff Laporte, who lives in Boston, Robentz Dorvil claimed that he lives in New Jersey. He started sending pornographic videos to the group, calling me by name, and claiming I had sex with him several times. When he campaigned that I had run for deputy, senator, and now president, he attempted to damage my reputation by suggesting I had sexual relations with young men in Les Cayes, my hometown in Haiti. I have never had sex with a man, and his statement harassed me. Despite respecting everyone's sexual orientation, I am wounded by his insistence that I am gay. He showed me screenshots that he sent the video he made on several WhatsApp groups and to everyone from the KOTAKOT WhatsApp group in private.

On December 11, 2022, I went to a police station in Norwood, Massachusetts, to report him. Still, the phone number, +1 629-229-3054, he used was international, and the police could not locate his information because WhatsApp encrypted conversations made it impossible for them to find him. A police officer advised me to report him to Whatsapp, block him, and I did. On the same night, he texted me using another number, +509-4602-7588, asking for money so he wouldn't share the pornographic video made with my pictures anymore, my wedding video, and two men having sex that he claimed to be me.

Based on my conversation, he is connected with a business called 24Promo because he sent me their WhatsApp business phone, +509 4830-7089, and their Instagram account linked to the number is They also have a Facebook page, and the administrator of the 24Promo business is Blaise Gurnel Emilcar. He declined to know anything about Blanchard Arthur, the name Robentz used, after I texted him and showed him the whole conversation harassing me.

Robentz Dorvil, direktè “LES ENTREPRISES DORVIL ROBENTZ” ki sitiye nan #2, rue Rebecca (Lokal Muncheez), Petyonvil, Ayiti. Nimewo telefòn li se: +509) 4757-4848, 3255-3939, 3603-0909, epi +1 (564) 455-6230; imèl li se:

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