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Justice for Blacks in Ohio, USA.

Justice for Blacks in Ohio, USA.
Justice for Blacks in Ohio, USA.

An innocent Haitian man of 38 is incarcerated in Ohio on Wednesday, September 28, 2022, for three years. This gentleman moved from Florida to Ohio to find a better life and transferred from his job working with incarcerated children. The just-married black man is accused of giving drugs to a white kid. Throughout his life, the accused young man never used drugs, even smoking. In his closet, the company where he worked pretended to find drugs in his pocket in his work uniform. Since the victim had never worn the uniform or processed drugs, he argued it was a setup. The agency reviewed the evidence and concluded that the Black guy had nothing to do with the behavioral child's words. Despite this, they assert that he had to go to jail, so they don't repudiate the accusation.

An older man was killed by the prisoner, the youngster, who accused the Haitian Christian man. The victim's family feels hopeless despite spending thousands of dollars on a white lawyer. Interestingly, even the victim says the same thing because the lawyer informed him of the trial only two days before, and he didn't seem interested in defending him in court. The Haitian black man works for a Government agency that would prefer to send him to jail rather than pursue a lawsuit over the accusations. The accused gentleman has a beautiful 11-year-old daughter who lost her mother a couple of months ago and now has to deal with another trauma. As the appeal time approaches, the family desperately seeks justice to please get the not-guilty young man out of prison.

For support, please get in touch with the victim's family members at:

Phone: +17869555672/ +16173966826

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