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Advocacy Pitch for the Presidency

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Dear fellow citizens,

I am pleased to introduce myself as Wilson Thelimo Louis, a presidential candidate in the next election. I am addressing you like a rally to raise awareness for a common cause bombarding our country, pushing us to an exodus. As a student, I was invited to attend a special online session with President Clinton on Thursday, March 17, 2022, at 10:00 am on Zoom, as I heard that Haiti was the most prosperous country in the Caribbean once upon a time in 1803. Followed my question to the guest speaker: As an experienced public servant and famous world leader who works with Haiti, what would you suggest for Haiti's development as one of the poorest countries in the world, and what would indicate better diplomatic relations between the US and Haiti?

President Clinton insisted that "Haiti was the wealthiest island, the world's largest coffee producer, more than Brazil and Colombia 200 years ago." As you all know, In Haiti, every day is a romantic day thanks to the tropical climate, unless there is a natural disaster like hurricanes and tropical storms. One day, on a belated honeymoon trip, President Bill Clinton and his wife, Hillary, visited Haiti with a friend who worked for Citibank. In December, the friend invited them to see the country of high mountains, beautiful flowers, and beaches as a wedding present. He exposed that besides its fascinating culture, Haiti also has voodoo that everyone would love to explore, through which they saw unbelievable things.

Today, we can see how badly corrupt political leaders neglect the country. The Government is controlled by oligarch families with a large percentage of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and international institutions that want to humiliate the first Black Independent country in the world. During the conversation, President Clinton shared his experiences working with Haiti in the past. He said oligarch families would rather have a hundred percent of a small pie than ten percent of a pie that is a hundred times bigger. He suggested that it would not work unless countries shared more economic and political power. To him, it is a big problem unless the oligarch families who want to tear it down stop keeping a hundred percent of a tiny pie instead of taking 10 or 20 percent of a great big one.

Because of that, life becomes complex in Haiti, and the situation is tragic and irreparable. Negativity and discrimination have plagued Haiti for many centuries. Because of that, we live in a country with political problems, kidnappings, and daily shootings. Ironically, the most productive land in the Caribbean gives birth to the most vulnerable countries to climate change. "Haiti can grow most and most fairly grow with the right energy policy," states President Clinton. Until finally, Haitians live in poverty with less than one dollar a day and are scattered everywhere in search of primary needs. My Dear fellow citizens, it is time for us to rise again to rebuild the best island in the Caribbean. We must restore confidence in the people, the youth, and the political system by voting for me as your candidate for the presidency.


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  • President Bill Clinton answered Wilson Thelimo Louis' question about Haiti on March 17, 2022.

Wilson Thelimo Louis,

MPS Candidate.

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