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To Cerisier G. Legipe, Counselor to Emmelie Prophète Milcé, Haiti Minister of Justice.

No other political party named KÒTAKÒT in Haiti exists, and we are already registered. We know that ministries record logos, company names, and definitions. Some political parties' terms consist of words that enter from another. For example:

We have the HAITIEN DEMOCRAT Party and the HAITIEN Christian DEMOCRAT Party... We have parties with the word ASSEMBLY; we have many other parties with the term KOMBIT... The national mottos of some political parties include Liberty, Egalité, and Fraternité; these words appear in black on white or are defined in their party logos.

Do those political parties own these words? Why do you want us to change the KÒTAKÒT name because another political party would claim it as their slogan? If you have patent evidence, show it to us. Are all political parties in Haiti registered with their slogans and written in their bylaws? Is it because we, children of the poor, are being blocked from defending our rights?

You promise that it would be impossible to achieve legalization if we didn't do everything you asked us to do. You can call yourself the most difficult ministerial advisor or call us mockery in any way you like, but as jurists, we will always be on justice's side.

We swear,

Wilson Thelimo Louis,

KÒTAKÒT President.

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