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SOS FOR HAITI - 7.2 Earthquake

Updated: Oct 28, 2021


The Haitian government can not take care of its citizens under natural disasters and epidemics. Haiti is vulnerable for years due to insecurity, political circumstances, and hurricanes. We endured a magnitude 7.2 earthquake that mostly destroyed the country's southern metropolis on Saturday, August 14, 2021. While some community members are blessed to have their homes and personal property saved, others suffer from injuries, emotional distress, and fundamental needs. Houses collapsed, roads were damaged, and businesses lost some or their entire inventory after the earthquake. We believe in the urgency to raise public awareness about some of today's Haiti society's most pressing issues. For example, some hospitals are charging victims expensively during natural disasters for x-rays and healing pain medications.

One of the reasons that will negatively impact the southern coast economy is that the tourists who would celebrate the most extraordinary annual outdoor event on August 15 have been paralyzed. Parents have less than one month to send their kids back to school. Their homes need to be renovated due to fissures, and some of them are sleeping under the stars. We are thankful that many organizations and charities from across the country have pledged their support to our communities. At ITIAHaiti, we see the value in everyone and want to be a catalyst for positive change. We are raising funds and promoting initiatives to serve the people who need them most during this earthquake, and our community members in need require assistance NOW.

The core of our efforts is to bring our team's fresh ideas and passion for the range of activities we're involved in. Through all of our endeavors, we hope to display the conviction and ethics behind our beliefs. Unlike donations to national organizations that can take months to begin distributing what they receive, your support to us will have an immediate and substantial impact on our affected community members in Haiti. With your help, our organization can feed families who have lost everything in the aftermath of the earthquake, give them an accommodating place to stay, and help rebuild landmarks that make our towns such fantastic places to live. Your donation will help the victim and escaped families from the earthquake.

Here is our Earthquake Relief Donation list:

  1. Adhesive

  2. Alcohol

  3. Antibiotics

  4. Bandages

  5. Blankets

  6. Canvas tent

  7. Cash

  8. Clothing

  9. Deodorant

  10. Diapers

  11. Energy

  12. Gas pad

  13. Gel-based

  14. Handsprings

  15. Meals

  16. Medications

  17. Oxygen

  18. Repair houses and a local business

  19. Serum

  20. Shelter

  21. Shoes

  22. Soap

  23. Syringes

  24. Toothbrushes

  25. Toothpaste

  26. Water

  27. And more.

Anything you decide to donate will be very much appreciated and will make a massive difference in the lives of our neighbors whose lives have been upended. Together, we can restore Haiti to the place that we all know and love. Since our beginnings on July 12, 2008, in the southern city of Les Cayes, Haiti, we've been driven by the same ideas we initially founded our youth nonprofit organization upon support, empowerment, and progress. Existing on August 22, 2019, as a US 501(c)(3) charity, we have been determined to make an impact internationally and have always been able to help where needed.

Many thanks for considering our request.

Wilson Thelimo Louis, ITIAHaiti President.

Emmeline A. Menard, Secretary,

Esther L. LaLane, Treasurer.


Jodi-a pa yon you tankou tout jou

Se men nan figi

Ap mande kisa nou pral fè

Lakay pa bon

Tout kriz nan kò nou

Tout ènmi vin zanmi

Pou travèse move enpas

Kilè Ayiti va jwenn yon souf?

Wilson Thelimo Louis,

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