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TheToussaint Louverture Cultural Center is a Business Instead of a Public Domain.

I believe the Toussaint Louverture Cultural Center represents a business opportunity instead of a public domain because there is a group of traditional leaders in the Haitian community involved in this initiative. In the first place, the name has not been carefully chosen, and the center name has been imposed. The first Haitian hero is Jean Jacques Dessalines, or perhaps the center should be called the Boston Haitian Cultural Center so that all Haitians can benefit from the name.

The second problem is that no one knows what they are doing, and neither will be doing it. It is only those who wish to be credited for that heritage who want to leave their name behind in anticipation of the center becoming their circle of heirs. Their first action was not to create the cultural center, but they embraced emerging artists' ideas. They are in touch with political leaders in the Massachusetts community, so they impose themselves on the project. Such a project should not only be devised on paper but also be realized by actors with the tools to create and a passion for the project.

Taking youth's ideas and excluding them from becoming community leaders is unhealthy for the next generation. The Haitian community needs talented professionals willing to contribute to the betterment of the community, not those who have already failed to represent it and enrich themselves on its behalf.

Live free or die!

Wilson Thelimo Louis,

President of ITIAHaiti.

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