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ITIAHaiti has launched the 2nd edition of its literary and artistic competition on "Creole education in Haiti schools, inclusion, and social cohesion." This activity serves as a therapy for artists to expose what is happening in Haiti today and suggest solutions. After Haiti's independence in 1804, the Pioneers used their pens to defend the country against imperialism. Today, ITIAHaiti orients contemporaries in a passionate commitment to stabilize Haiti. The ideas participants express in their art will serve as guides to inspire radical change in Haiti and worldwide.

One of the primary goals of this contest is to give the country's mother language an undisputed alphabet. This year, we focus on the "à/àn" sign that takes its place in Haitian Creole spoken and written but has never been mentioned in the alphabet. Haitian Creole rule refers to "sounds/phonemes" and "signs/graphemes" instead of letters, consonants, or vowels. All "signs/graphemes" used in the written language and all "sounds/phonemes" from the spoken language must also come from the alphabet. To promote this improvement, we launch this international competition.

Wilson Thelimo Louis,

ITIAHaiti President.

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