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Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Our heros

As we cross the Texas Bridge, the American soldiers release the water, and the water goes with Haitians. The Haitian who was at the head of the protest was a dreadlock hairstyle, and he died in the water. American soldiers came to take us, and we spent three days under the bridge. After that, they sent us to prison. After four days in jail, they threw away all our clothes and left us with nothing. We could not brush our mouths, and they didn't give us a place to shower. I have four days without cleaning or doing my toilet. If you smell me, you will see how I feel. We don't have a penny left anymore. Thieves have taken me and raped me. I stayed for eight days under the weeds, and I spent three days under the bushes without eating anything.

We never fought among ourselves because we knew if we fought, they would deport us. The American soldiers went to four prisons with us. In the fourth one, we are put in prisoner uniforms. When they appeared to release us, a man came and said: no, they will not free us; instead, they will deport us to Haiti. They took everything we had from us, and they gave us only one small flat tennis. We were not allowed to carry anything with us. The American soldiers beat us in Texas and on the plane. They tied our hands and feet, and we could not go to urinate on the aircraft. I have no savings anymore, all I had spent.

Wilson Thelimo Louis transcribed and translated the video.

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