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Oligarch Families with Huge GDPs Control the Government, Making Haiti irreparable.

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

We learn, we listen, and we understand. A bunch of oligarchic families kidnaps our country. We feel hurt every time we hear it and want to cry. As Haitians, we kneel before our resemblance, keep our heads down, and cross our hands. We are the first Independent Negro Republic in the world if we remember our history. The first Black Independent Country claims its independence as a unique race with the same hair, nose, and color. That's who we are. We are black, not white, not mulatto. Haiti belongs to black people.

Mulattos, you want to put us in mental slavery, we say: not possible. We can't, and we won't. We learn, understand, and become aware that we are not alike. Our similarity is accepted, but dominance cannot continue after 2022. Your hypocrisy is shocking. Freedom, dignity, and rights must be guaranteed for all people. As a citizen, I have the right to eat, attend school, sleep, and hold any position I am capable of within my country. Let me remind my colleagues, friends, and race that living free or dying must be the rule. The state we live in today would instead make us die than continue to live in it. There is no logic, there is no sense, and there is no sense in it. We cannot even say we are tired because we leave tired behind.

As we look to the future, we recognize that we have people who can help, who have integrity, who have a strong sense of justice, and who are people who believe in equity. I support anyone who wishes to respect these patriotic values today. As a sign of acceptance, we raise our hands. We accept anyone who embodies these cultural values, these intrinsic values, these patriotic values, and these social values for Haiti. Presidents are essential to a country. The executive, legislative, and judicial branches must function in Haiti. As stated in the Constitution's first article, we are a sovereign nation. Where is the sovereignty? Besides the law, the state has no compass when it comes to justice.

The other two people in the video deserve credit:

  • He is Geraud Charles, the former Deputy of Piyon commune in the North of Haiti with a red tie.

  • Jean Rousseau Moise, president of the REVOLTE (Revolt) Political Party and former mayor of Carrefour commune, west of Haiti, is the other.

Reference: President Bill Clinton (2022), Wilson Thelimo Louis' question about Haiti

Wilson Thelimo Louis,

Social communicators, Juris Doctor, and Master of Public Service Candidate

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