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My Colleagues Should Know Another Thing About Me.

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

I like being called Thelimo, but either one is fine (Wilson, Thelimo, or Louis). Thelimo used to be my last name until I had 26 years old. I had to run for congress at that time, and the electoral office required that candidates prove their parent's nationality.

I had to bring my mother's and my father's birth certificates. My dad passed away when I was seven years old, and I was born outside of marriage. Thelimo is my mom's last name. So I went to my siblings from my dad's side to get their adhesion and take my dad's last name to be able to run, and they gave me his death certificate.

When I came to the US, institutions mostly used first and last names. I felt like I was about to lose my preferred name. I open a business under it so as not to lose it completely. Hence THELIMO Services: THe LIghtning MOon!

Wilson Thelimo Louis

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