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Wilson Thelimo Louis

Wilson Thelimo Louis was born on July 3rd, 1986, in Anse Hainault, Haiti. During his childhood, he developed a passion for social activism and community volunteerism. He has degrees in communication, Law, and legal sciences from the State University of Haiti. The poet ran for Congress in 2015 and 2016 in Haiti. Due to his political affiliation, he was targeted for his propensity for speaking out against the mistreatment of youth, inclusion, and social cohesion. His unified Haiti aspiration was dashed by constant fears, stress, and continuous phone calls to join the government and the opposition political parties. 


Coming to the United States in August 2016, he gained the motivation that he once had and wants to educate himself better to benefit others. As a hard worker and committed individual, he knows he is capable of reaching those goals. Most important, he has a great passion and believes with education, all is achievable. Wilson loves learning new skills. He earned a nursing assistant, paralegal studies, human services, filmmaking, and video production certificate. Poet Thelimo is the president of ITIAHaiti, a 501c3 socio-educational and cultural organization whose mission is to revive the Haitian culture while coaching youth to build their leadership and civic through arts and entrepreneurship. He is also the owner of THELIMO Services, through which he works as a legal interpreter, real estate agent, tax professional, and notary public who translates legal documents.


Louis is a founding member of the Haiti National Network of Young Volunteers; and the Executive Director of the Haiti Institute of Technical and Professional Training. He volunteered at Catholic Charities in Boston; Volunteering for the Development of Haiti; Alliance Française of Les Cayes; Haitian Red Cross; Health and Information Program (PSI-Haiti); UNICEF; and for the National Advocacy Organization for Individuals living with Handicap in Haiti. In addition to these activities, he advocated for human rights with "l'Amicale des Juristes" and hosted some radio and TV programs in Haiti.

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