Myrto Navado Cesaire

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Myrto Navado Cesaire has been working in different settings as a Licensed Practical Nurse for over 20 years. Moving to Georgia in 2007, Myrto found a way to help others while working and look for help when people need it. She is a motivated lady and always on the move looking for service for others. She hosts a radio program called "LASANTE NAN BOUK LA" on OMANNI RADIO: Audio Now 1-(712) 775-9165, and TuneIn Radio She will participate in any event to help.

Myrto N. Cesaire started with the HANA (Haitian American Nurses Association) Georgia Chapter in January 2011 as a Recruiting and Retention member and became its President in 2016. She is a member of "OPERATION HOPE" and supporting many international GROUPS, nominated in 2014 "INTERNATIONAL VOLUNTEER" by the International Volunteer Association. Myrto N. Cesaire participated in Health Fairs with different Communities in NY-NJ and assisted others in setting their homes when needed. She was also a radio Host in NY/NJ and a Cab Driver at Newark Airport, NJ, for over ten years.

For many years she has been helping people everywhere. Her Organization got its name "CAMYNA INTERNATIONAL FARMWORKERS AND MIGRANTS ASSOCIATION INC." at The Haitian Farm Workers and Migrants. She is an interpreter, educator, mentor, mother, and sister. She lets the Farm Workers know that they are the "SOVE GRANGOU NAN VANT" of other people's lives. She tirelessly travels to South Georgia as many times to meet and help in as many ways as possible.

Benevolently by nature, Myrto is keeping "THE LEGACY IN THE FAMILY." Taught by her mother how to be compassionate, respectful, and helpful toward others since her childhood back in Haiti, which gives her the determination to help others, Myrto N. Cesaire is a tenacious advocate for reform farmworkers.


Wilson Thelimo Louis,

President of ITIAHaiti

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