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KÒTAKÒT Ayiti Otonòm

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Who are we: ITIAHaiti is a literary, socio-educational, and cultural organization that aims to revive Haitian culture.

What we do: We organize academic workshops and host online civic engagement, leadership, and entrepreneurship meetings.

Vision: We want to see young people find suitable jobs and be given the tools they need to build a bright future.

Mission: Our mission is to empower youth to build civic engagement and leadership through arts and entrepreneurship.


• Promote inclusion, social cohesion, and conflict management through the arts to different communities.

• Restore confidence in youth through self-reliance seminars and work to strengthen their intrinsic capacities.

• Teach the Haitian Creole, and encourage the flowering of a culture that paints, translates, and reflects Haiti's beauty.


Vision In working for an autonomous Haiti, we want to see yo...
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