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Haitian Creole Books need help for distribution on Amazon and via Google Ads.

Sorry for not being too active on LinkedIn, dear Mr. Allen. We wish you could give us some credit in your videos to extend the Haitian Creole language. Many people and other organizations think we waste our time and are too young to fight for the cause of teaching Haitian Creole in Haitian schools. If you do not mind, we will take our time to share your videos on our website, network as a partner if you cite our name (ITIAHaiti), recognition, or make comments about us for promoting the Haitian Creole. We would show them our work as a youth organization is not only in the Haitian circle, but also we have partners and good people like you who understand our enthusiasm for the better of good, please.

You see, when you said that you were talking with a Haitian Creole book distributor that cannot distribute them online, we assume you referred yourself to us. Thank you for taking our cause very seriously, and we deeply recognize that, dearest Allen. We want to succeed in that procedure thanks to your help, and it will be our first fight. Please, tell them that Haitian Creole is no longer a dialect, and it had never been. Every language develops with time, and a language that more than 11.000.000 MONOLINGUAL people speak cannot be neglected in the 21st century. People need to be taught in the more comfortable speaking and understanding language.

After more than 219 years after independence, the French educational system cannot be the Haitian academic language since even less than 5% can not speak French well, and 100% of Haitians speak and understand their vernacular language at 100%. Our role is not to exclude the French language in our education, but we want to help more Haitian succeed in schools because the most they fail in schools, the most we will have them on the street, kidnap each other, poor, and being used. Our only appeal is the educational system that needs to be reformed, and we cannot do it without the support of the new technology. Please, help us extend didactic materials to the population using Google and Amazon marketplace. Accepting Haitian Creoles on their market will allow Haitian intellectuals to distribute their knowledge to the whole population better.

Sorry for writing you that much. Listening to your video gives us the hope to accelerate the process of touching these distributors. We are not assuming, but this mistreatment results in taking our freedom too early from the French. We are still behind because of our skin color and that disrespect. Would you imagine that the first Black Independent country in the world is the poorest globally, and we are just 1 hour from America, the wealthiest country in the world? You know that better than I do. Please, help us in the language justice advocacy as a public servant and as you do.

Deeply, Happy New Year!

Wilson Thelimo Louis,

ITIAHaiti president.

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